Nature & Biodiversity

Dolifor Centre supports nature and biodiversity and is always seeking to improve how it does so. We have installed nestboxes, habitat piles, planted herbs and wildflowers for insects and trees to support wildlife of all types. We will be undertaking an ecology site survey to highlight other ways to improve how we support nature.

There are opportunities for you to observe wildlife in its natural habitat on our land. If you can sit quietly by our pond you can often see newts and frogs and in the spring tadpoles.

When you stay with us for B&B you will have the opportunity to eat breakfast in our conservatory and watch our many small garden birds, pheasants, squirrels and even voles scurrying about. Often you will see red kites and buzzards circling overhead.

Binoculars are available if you wish to borrow a pair just ask. In the evening watch the bats and listen to the many owls calling around Dolifor.

Wild River - Wye with Ray Mears

Supporting Wildlife and the Environment

In December 2015 Wales created The Nature Recovery Plan for Wales. We have copied the wording from The Ministerial Foreword as follows:

"Nature is the planet's life support system. All the plants, animals and microorganisms and the places where they live, provide direct and indirect economic, social, aesthetic, cultural and spiritual benefits to us as humans. Nature provides our food, water, fibre, building materials as well as benefiting our mental and physical health, inspiring us and shaping our culture.

In Wales we recognise that our wellbeing and the wellbeing of future generations are dependent upon the health of our environment. The state of our natural environment and the nature it supports is a key test of whether we are learning to live sustainably. But our nature is under pressures: from over exploitation, habitat loss, pollution, climate change and invasive non-native species.

This Nature Recovery Plan is aimed at addressing these underlying causes of loss by putting nature at the heart of our decision-making, by increasing the resilience of our natural systems (ecosystems), and by taking specific action for habitats and species. It sets out how Wales will deliver the commitments of the EU Biodiversity Strategy and the UN Convention on Biological Diversity to halt the decline in our biodiversity by 2020 and then reverse that decline."

We agree with these words and aim to fully support the Nature Recovery Plan.



Ymgyrch Diogelu Cymru Wledig - The Campain for the protection of Rural Wales

Our natural environment is important to the economy and our well-being. We aim to play our part in protecting and enhancing the nature of the environment so that it can continue to provide us with good quality air, water, soil, landscapes and biodiversity. The Welsh Assembly encourages us all to rethink the way we view, protect and manage the environment.

Effective resource management means managing Wales' landscapes to ensure their integrity, functional resilience and the cohesive relationship between their components are all safeguarded when change occurs.

The Welsh Government working with Natural Resources Wales (NRW) and others can make this happen and ensure the ambitions of the European Landscape Convention are fully realised.

Together they must promote landscape and seascape stewardship approaches which ensure that Wales' critical landscape assets are not significantly harmed by change which exclusively promotes social wellbeing or economic development.


To fulfil this ambition, the Welsh Government, Natural Resources Wales and those making decisions affecting Welsh landscapes should:

  • Champion increased awareness of the European Landscape Convention and report more comprehensively on its effective implementation in Wales.
  • Adopt a long term vision which safeguards and enhances the heritage of all Welsh landscapes and seascapes.
  • Promote a "landscape approach" to enhance the distinctiveness, value, resilience, and public appeal of our landscapes and their associated natural and heritage assets.
  • Produce inspiring and creative landscape planning and management guidance.
  • Work energetically with partners and stakeholders to increase the opportunities landscapes and seascapes offer for public enjoyment.
  • Work collectively to unify the stewardship of the land and sea within the Living Wales programme.
  • Explain if or how the further designation of Wales' finest landscapes and seascapes should occur.
  • Secure the resources necessary to manage Wales' iconic landscapes to standards which reflect their national status and public value.
  • Assist the Welsh Government to prepare and publish a National Resource Management Plan and its local equivalents to guide the delivery of successful frameworks of action.


"Landscapes create nations, and nowhere is this truer than in Wales, Cymru. Almost everything about Wales has been decreed by its terrain; if the countryside had been different the Welsh people as we know them would never have existed." Jan Morris 'The Matter of Wales'.


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